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how to get wooden planks in minecraft

Wooden planks - Mine Blocks Wiki

The wooden planks block is necessary for many of the base crafting recipes in the game. You can make many things with wooden planks, including wooden tools. . Trivia. In Minecraft, there are six different types of wood.

Wooden Plank Spruce - Minecraft Info

Wooden Planks are generaly used as a building material, but can also be used in Furnaces as a source of fuel. Planks will burn if near fire or Lava.

Planks Official Minecraft Wiki

Its texture resembles a neatly stacked pile of wooden planks hewn from .. Minecraft, The heart and story of the game, , Get a crafting table in 

Block of the Week: Oak Wood Minecraft

Wood was one of the very first blocks added to the game - preceded only oak wood was originally called "log" and dropped wooden planks when broken. Pretty handy for getting a quick start, rather than smacking a tree